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Ubuntu Unity is a flavor of Ubuntu featuring the Unity7 desktop environment (the default desktop environment used by Ubuntu from 2010-2017).

It is actively developed and maintained, with releases of Unity7 every year. Learn more about Unity7 at .


Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 LTS Download ISO (direct) Download torrent

Ubuntu Unity 23.04 (old stable) Download ISO (direct) Download torrent

Ubuntu Unity 23.10 Download ISO (direct) Download torrent


> Unity7 has elements such as the heads-up display (HUD) and the Global Menu, helping with your productivity.

> It has a modern-looking user interface, but with an elegant, traditional workflow.

Why you should upgrade from 16.04

> Ubuntu 16.04 is severely outdated, with several security holes that can be (and are being) exploited in the wild.

> The version of Unity7 Ubuntu Unity ships is nearly identical to that in 16.04, but with a whole bunch of functional improvements and is actively developed.

How you can contribute

> Get started by creating a merge request on GitLab (linked below) on any of the repositories you would like to contribute to.

> When you got one ready, ping @rs2009 on the Telegram group or the Discord server (also linked below).

> A few more substantial contributions, and you'll find yourself a member of the team.


Rudra Saraswat Creator and Project Lead of Ubuntu Unity, developing and maintaining Unity7, and also an Ubuntu member.

Khurshid Alam Maintaining Unity7 since 2017, original member of Unity7 Maintainers since its demise in 2017.

Maik Adamietz Community Moderator/Administrator, also an Ubuntu member.

Tobiyo Kujikaai Community Moderator/Administrator, also involved in Ubuntu Touch development.

Previous team members

Allan Carvalho Designed the artwork for the releases of Ubuntu Unity up to 22.04, as well as the logo.

Muqtadir Designed the launcher BFB, and the Yaru-Unity theme used in Ubuntu Unity 21.10.

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