Ubuntu Unity 22.10

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The Ubuntu Unity 22.10 has now been released, and is the first stable release of Ubuntu Unity as an official flavor! You can download it from

New changes

It introduces a new toggle from the panel to switch between the dark and light theme, and between accent colors. It also replaces all the libadwaita apps with MATE alternatives. The ISO’s much smaller, at 2.8 GBs. The RAM usage has also gone down significantly (around 650MBs when idle).

Changes as a flavour

The new releases of Ubuntu Unity as a flavor will be uploaded to However, you can continue downloading them from In future, you will be able to upgrade to newer versions of Ubuntu Unity just like all other flavors of Ubuntu.

You can now install Ubuntu Unity on an existing Ubuntu install by removing gnome-shell and other GNOME apps, and then installing the ubuntu-unity-desktop package (all the Ubuntu Unity packages are now in universe in the official Ubuntu archive, and no longer in a PPA). Special thanks to Dmitry Shachnev (mitya57), without whom this release would not have been possible! He’s been helping us in uploading all our packages to universe.

We’re actively working on adding new features to Unity7 such as support for different refresh rates in unity-settings-daemon, and even replacing such old components/apps and the indicators with the ayatana-* packages. We are working on adding extension support to the Unity shell. We hope to deliver these changes in the subsequent releases of Ubuntu Unity. We are also actively porting Unity7 to other Linux distributions, such as Arch Linux and Fedora.

For support or queries, please join us on Telegram at, or on IRC (#ubuntu-unity on

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