Ubuntu Unity 22.10 beta

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The Ubuntu Unity 22.10 beta has now been released, and is the first release of Ubuntu Unity as an official flavor! You can download it from

New changes

It introduces a new toggle from the panel to switch between the dark and light theme, and between accent colors. It also replaces all the libadwaita apps with MATE alternatives. The ISO’s much smaller, at 2.8 GBs. The RAM usage has also gone down significantly (around 631MBs when idle, as shown in the screenshots).

Changes as a flavour

The new releases of Ubuntu Unity as a flavor will be uploaded to However, you can continue downloading them from

Ubuntu Unity ISOs are now built daily. You can download them from and test them. However, these ISOs are no longer built with the Ubuntu Remixes builder, and are built with Ubuntu’s livecd-rootfs builder.

You can now install Ubuntu Unity on an existing Ubuntu install by removing gnome-shell and other GNOME apps, and then installing the ubuntu-unity-desktop package (all the Ubuntu Unity packages are now in universe in the official Ubuntu archive, and no longer in a PPA). Special thanks to Dmitry Shachnev (mitya57), without whom this release would not have been possible! He’s been helping us in uploading all our packages to universe.

Progress of Unity7 development

We’ve beeen working hard on the reimplementation of several old components of the Unity7 desktop, such as unity-settings-daemon and the indicator-* packages.

Testing Week

We are delighted to announce that we are participating in the second ‘Ubuntu Testing Week’ for the 22.10 release cycle, from today (September 29th) to October 6th with other Ubuntu flavo(u)rs and remixes. The daily Ubuntu Unity 22.10 ISO can be downloaded from The testing session will happen for 7 days starting from today, but you are welcome to continue testing even after the conclusion of the Ubuntu Testing Week on Ocotober 6th. Please use the #UbuntuTestingWeek hashtag on social media to spread the word about the event and to encourage others to participate as well.

If you’d like to read up more on being a tester for 22.10, here are some useful links.

Screenshots 🖥️

For support or queries, please join us on Telegram at, or on IRC (#ubuntu-unity on

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