Ubuntu Unity 21.10 RC has been released

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The release candidate ISO for Ubuntu Unity 21.10 has now been released. We are also slowly migrating our website and blog to a new server! You can get the ISO from the DarkPenguin source at

Unity7 is going to have some REALLY major changes in 21.10, including the updated indicators and the migration of the glib-2.0 schemas. We are now using the new Firefox snap. Speaking of snaps, we have also been busy working on, an open-source alternative to the Snap Store, although it won’t be shipping in 21.10. We are thankful to fosshost for providing a VM for hosting the lol snap store and Discourse forum at

If you have already installed the beta, you can just update your machine to the RC with the Software Updater GUI or by running sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade in the terminal.

The Ubuntu Community Twitter account

A new Twitter account for Ubuntu was created recently by the Ubuntu community (Canonical isn’t involved in it). Its Twitter handle is @ubuntudesktop. Its primary focus is on the desktop, unlike the Ubuntu account managed by Canonical, which is mostly focused on Canonical’s products such as WSL2 and the cloud.

Happy testing!

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